To Kill a Mockingbird

Why is it important to...

Act like a Maycomb resident, big or small?

Behave in a civil manner, and not be rude, big or small?

Not commit crimes if you're a black man, big or small?

Step into others' shoes, big or small?

Each answer will count as 20% of my grade, so make it count.

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1. People like others to conform; to behave like a Maycomb resident shows that a person fits in with the people and their traditions.

2. The South is very much based on traditional ways of behaving. Politeness is a basis for all such behavior.

3. The people of Maycomb are very religious; they would very much want to adhere to the Ten Commandments and expect others to do so.

4. When we walk in the shoes of others, we can feel both empathy and sympathy, qualities that are good for others.



Well, they conform.