To Kill a Mockingbird

Which narrative voice is speaking?

write one paragraph, to support your answer, referring to specific examples of structure, tone, and purpose.

this opening of the cafe came to an end at midnight. everyone said goodbye to everyone else in a friendly fashion. Miss Amelia shut the front door of her premises, but forgot to bolt it. soon everything--the main street with its three stores, the mill, the houses--all the town in fact--was dark and silent. and so ended three days and nights in which had come an arrival of a stranger, an unholy holiday, and the start of the cafe.

PS. i know this is not to kill a mocking bird, but the real novella, the ballad of the sad cafe, is unrecognized on this site.

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Narrative voice in its strict sense simply means first, second, or third person. In this case, the narrative voice seems to be a third person account simply because there is no I (first person) or you (second) to suggest otherwise. Although in the larger context it is certainly possible that this could be mistaken.