To Kill a Mockingbird

What was the point of view of the character scout finch

during the trial

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The trial scene is consistent with her first person limited omniscient point of view.

Scout narrates in the first person, telling what she saw and heard at the time and augmenting this narration with thoughts and assessments of her experiences in retrospect. Although she is by no means an omniscient narrator, she has matured considerably over the intervening years and often implicitly and humorously comments on the naïveté she displayed in her thoughts and actions as a young girl. Scout mostly tells of her own thoughts but also devotes considerable time to recounting and analyzing Jem’s thoughts and actions.

******* Scout's narration begins in a way that is childlike, humorous, nostalgic, and innocent; as the novel progresses, he narration becomes increasingly dark, foreboding, and critical of society