To Kill a Mockingbird

What did you think about Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird?" What might Scout's transformation into a young lady mean in the context of her work and the time in which Lee is writing?

If it says its no longer available, its okay...i can use it as a source or i can just reword it but consise.

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I think that Scout's transformation into a young lady shows the growing up from a child to a woman by rascism happens. In another book, a child named Myop has gone too far from home. She was playing and laughing, but then she accidentilly stepped on a black man's face. He was dead, rotten, and parts of a noose was around his head. She realized the lynching of african american men during that time, and in an instant, grew up. Since all of this happened with Tom Robinson and Scout getting beat at school and around time for it, she became more mature.


"The Flowers" To Kill a Mockingbird