To Kill a Mockingbird

Tom Robinson as a mockingbird and atticus as a good and bad

I don't understand that Tom Robinson is a mockingbird can you help me with it and Actions that atticus did to make me see him as

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Like a mockingbird, Tom never hurts anyone.

Miss Maudie says" Mockingbirds dont do one thing but make music for us to enjoy. They dont eat up people's garderns, dont nest in corncribs, they dont do one thing but sing their hearts out for us."

To add on..

Tom Robinson is a mockingbird. He helps Mayella to do her chores out of the goodness and pureness of his heart, which people like the Ewells exploit and resulted in his death. Even when Mayella lies to the court and accuses him, he does not get angry but rather says "she's mistaken in her mind"

I dont think Tom robinson is the mocking bird. In my opinion, the innocent person who would suffer if the truth were to be known is Boo radley. To say to all the people in town that Boo had killed Ewell, would put him, so shy and unaccustomed to people, in the middle of a storm. It would be like killing a mocking bird.

I respectfully dissagree, maria. like coco said, tom robinson never hurt anyone, kinda like a mockingbird; he is an honest, hard worker who never asks for anything in return, but yet the people still want to hurt him, just like evil would want to harm innocence and goodness.

Both Boo Radley and Tom Robinson are mockingbirds. They both do good deeds and have pure hearts. It's not one or the other. The Mockingbird symbolises victims of intolerance which applies to Boo and Tom.