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summarize the neighborehood legend of boo radley


gil c #233451
Feb 28, 2012 9:02 PM

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summarize the neighborehood legend of boo radley

To kill a mockingbird

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Feb 28, 2012 9:06 PM

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Best Answer: n the book To Kill a Mockingbird Boo Radley had been seen around town sometimes with his mother when he was little. His father was a mean spirited man who was very religious. He kept tight control of his wife and two sons. His wife was seldom seen except to pour water on her flowers and every now and then to shop.

Mr. Radley would walk into town daily. One day Boo stabbed him in the leg. Boo was arrested. Mr. Radley was angry and told the judge that they would take care of their own problems. The judge kept Boo locked up for a month and then released him to his father.

Boo was a man with a simple mind. The reader does not know if he was mentally ill, mentally retarded or both. However, after the stabbing incident no one ever sees Boo again until the night that he kills Bob Ewell to protect the children. After Mr. Radley dies his son Nathan continues to serve as Boo's warden of he home. Boo eventually becomes more and more reclusive until he sees the children.



Feb 28, 2012 9:13 PM

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I should add that before Boo was locked in his fathers house, and stabbed in the leg, he got in trouble with the law. Boo and his friends had been drunk and vandalized property. It was then that Mr. Radley promised the judge that Boo would never be a problem again and shut him in the house.

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