To Kill a Mockingbird

point of view on prejudcies

racial,social,and sexual prejudices.can anyone give me any info about it???

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Obviously there is racial prejudice. Ton is assumed guilty because he is black. The Negroes have a substandard school, cannot get decent jobs, are called "Boy," and no one cares when Tom is killed. Even Atticus is sneered at for defending a Negro. Dolphus aymondis unfit to live around because he married a Negro, and his half-breed children are not accepted in either the black or the white world.

Socially, the Ewells are lower class and are left out in that dump. No one seems to care that the children aren't being properly cared for. Also, every name has a "tendency"--a drinking strteak in the Haverfords, all the Bufords walk like that, the truth is not in the Delafields, Penfield women are flighty, etc. People are prejudged by their name instead of making their own mark in the town.

Sexual prejudice--there are laws against using abusive and profane language in the presence and hearing of a female. Arthur Radley was charged with that one as a youth. Later, Link Deas threatens to get Bob Ewell on the Ladies' Law. Southern women were to be protected from all sordid things. Of course, the women themselves were less than holy. Consider Mayella's actions, and the conversation of the ladies at the Missionary Tea.