To Kill a Mockingbird

On her first day ,what does scout get in trouble for?

because she got hit on her hands 

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Scout gets in trouble because she knows how to read (the teacher cites she's been taught incorrectly), for explaining why Walter Cunningham won't take a twenty-five cent loan for lunch money, and then finally saying straight out that Walter can't afford to pay her back (Scout is slapped with a ruler).

For reading out loud out of a book. She got in trouble because she wasn't allowed to read the words. Atticus taught her how to read and so Miss Caroline told her that she couldn't've learned reading so she told her that Scout couldn't let her read out of any books.

For learning how to read.

For learning how ta read? hahahah I find that silly

Learning how to read.. she tells this to her older brother Jem who says its a new way of her teaching the class she'll be alright