To Kill a Mockingbird

In this novel to whose place did you relate the most?whose perspective was closest to your own?AND WHY??

Help PLEASE!!!

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I would love to relate to Atticus but unfortunately I fall short. Atticus constantly gives advice to try and put their own feet in other people's shoes before judging them. (ex Walter Cunningham or Mrs. Dubose) Much of what Atticus's advice comes by example. He respects elders regardless of the ignorance they may show (his sister, Mrs. Dubose) this is, in part, what is so special about him. From the defending of Tom Robinson to his gentle affirmation that he must do the right thing despite of the odds, Atticus truly advises by example.Atticus treats his children with the respect of fairness and logic. He gently guides them through their mistakes. He allows them to see both the ungliness and beauty of the world always ready to catch them should they need it. 

By "place" are you referring to whose home or specific people?

Im referring to Atticus