To Kill a Mockingbird

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For chapters one through three, explain how Scout's upbringing had influenced her point of view of the world around her. Have two examples from each chapter.

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In Chapter 1 Scout, Jem and their friend Dill are fascinated, like the rest of th town, with the legends which surround Arthur 'Boo' Radley. They describe him as a 'haint' or ghost, showing that a belief of spirit was part of their upbringing.

The chapter is narrated by Scout, reflecting as an adult on her childhood experiences. Bythis we learn that the events of the time are hugely influential on her future development.

In Chapter 2 Scout learns that there are differing views on what is considered education. As a proficient reader, Scout is told that she should not be able to read. Scout is trying to help Miss Caroline in explaining that the Cunninghams do not accept charity, but serves only to embarrass Walter Cunningham and the teacher. Scout wishes to stand up for what is right, but she needs to learn the more diplomatic methods of her father.

By Chapter 3 Scout learns from Calpurnia that she must treat all guests with equal civility, when she invites Walter Cunningham for lunch. She is taught by Atticus that she needs to try and empathise with others, as they discuss the Ewells and their unique place in the community.