To Kill a Mockingbird

How did this book effect you ?What would you have taken away with you after reading this book?

Please comment on literatures ability to mirrior life and provide lessons and self knowledge . What is happening in todays 2011 world that the book still speaks to you ?

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Well Bernie, I think you will have to answer this one yourself. I think that by now you should have a pretty good idea about the injustices of racial hatred in this novel. Atticus is one of those rare people/ characters that try to make his world a better place. To Kill a Mockingbird has maintained its popularity so long because it still mirrors the struggles that go on today. Think about that and then think about what is going on around you. Are there other injustices in this world? Are there injustices in your own school? What might Atticus do to set things in the right direction? What might you do? I know this isn't an answer but give it a try anyway and see what you come up with!