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comment on the different point of view of characters in the court room


bernie l #198401
Sep 04, 2011 4:40 AM

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comment on the different point of view of characters in the court room

including (Tom Robinson,Mayella,Tom Ewell,The Judge, the prosecutor, the Jury,the sheriff, The black citizens in the balcony, Scout, Jem, Dill and counsel Finch)

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Sep 04, 2011 10:27 AM

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That's a lot. There is more detail to this but I'll be brief. Keep in mind that the story is written in first person, limited omniscient.

Tom Robinson- scared, sad

Tom Ewell- full of hate, happy because he is getting attention, paranoid of Atticus’s questions.

Mayella- Scared, unsure, paranoid of Atticus's questions, angry at her father...

Scout- proud of father, empathy for Tom, anger against Bob, sympathy for Mayella.

Dill - Same as Scout but more hurt and angry at Jury

Sheriff- understands injustice, does not want civil unrest

Jury- knows the truth, internal struggle between what is right and their bigotry

Black Community- hurt, powerless, thankful to Atticus

Judge- Knows the truth, sad at jury's verdict, frustrated with Bob and Mayella

There is more to this but that's the simple version. Good luck.

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