To Build a Fire

Who is the man in To Build a Fire?

Who is he? Identify and explain briefly.

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The man in "To build a fire" is a man who is trying to get to his home. With his wife (maybe) and two sons. But instead, he gets stuck in the woods in the snow in the cold, in the Canada Yukon Territory in Canada. The man builds a fire to keep warm, but doesn't have lots of luck. Instead, he dies cause he froze to death. Then a dog comes along and the man gets angry or annoyed at least at the dog cause the dog's trying to find a master. The man's nose and hands are frozen so's he goes to build a fire, but the fire went out before he could get warm. The man rebuilds the fire, but then the wind didn't blow this fire out this time. The man forgets about the fire and tries to keep warm. The man tries to kill the dog, but no luck in killing it. The man falls into a good deep sleep but dies at the end. The plot is the man who died. He froze to death I'm telling you. The man, before he died, thought about his crew of men finding his body the next day.


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