To Build a Fire

"To Build a Fire" questions....

Where is the man, and what weather conditions is he experiencing?

What is the main conflict of the story? Describe it with details from the story.

What purpose/role does the dog play in the story? Why would the author include the dog as part of his tale about the man?

Why are the hidden creeks in the story such a danger to the man?

What happened when the man tried to build fires? Why is this important?

What advice from an “old-timer” does the man choose to ignore?

How would you describe the character of the man? What evidence or support do you have for describing him this way?

Which is better equipped to survive in the cold, the dog or the man? Explain.

Is the outcome of the story due to fate, to the man’s character, or to some other cause? Explain.

Why do you think the author decided not to give the man in this story a name? How might the story be different if the man had a name?

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The man is in the Yukon (Alaska), a e is traveling in bitter, below 50° temperatures.

Please list your questions separately.