To Build a Fire

Explain whether you would have enjoyed the story more -- or less -- if the man were portrayed as someone you might like. Tell how your feelings about the main character and the story might have been different if you had liked the man

The man in the story is not a very likeable character. He's a loner, ignores the advice of others, isn't good at thinking his way through a crisis, and has no love for dogs.

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If the man in the story were a different person; likeable, cooperative, receptive to advice, he would never have been in the position he found himself. Thus, I don't think London would have written the same story, and I wouldn't have enjoyed it anymore than I have. I actually love this story. It's one of the best stories ever written these types of conflicts.

Holy moly. This is a great story. I love it. The wolf is what I like.

You know Jack London? My dad knows London. Went to school with him. Cool huh?

Love this story. Is it a fictional story? 100% gaurenteed.

Amazing story. best in years!


And sad too.

Huh? I'm only 8.

I enjoyed this book. I just finished the book in one day flat.