Three Sisters Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Three Sisters Symbols, Allegory and Motifs

Moscow city (Symbol)

The symbol of Moscow in the play is the most difficult. It connects all main characters - Prozorov sisters and Vershinin. The youngest sister Irina always says “Moscow! Going back to Moscow! Selling this house and everything and going back to Moscow…” Sisters desire to go back to this city, because there are many possibilities to realize their dreams. Moscow is the city of hopes to become more successful and independent.

Trees (Symbol)

The symbol of the tree appears in the conversation between Irina and Tuzenbach. They enjoy the nature and discuss its beauty and benefits. Natasha, Andrii’s wife, wants to cut down the fir alley and maples. Trees are a symbol of life, which Irina and Tuzenbach perceive as animate beings. It is a symbol of the rich inner world for them. And for Natasha it means hard-heartedness and unreceptiveness of fine.

Love, work and dreams(Motif)

These three motifs are basic and it identifies the main theme of the play. Three sisters have the hateful work. It doesn’t give pleasure. They often spend time together, fall into reverie about better work and life. They dream about the securing a better future for their progeny. And of course they hope to have unforgettable love. Everybody dreams about it. This aim brings many disappointments, suffering and pain. Hopes and fates are ruining, but sisters support each other.

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