Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

what are the conflicts and resolutions of the novel three men in a boat?

the problems faced by 3 friends and their solutions.

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Jerome’s portrayal of the relationship between urban life and the natural world is complex, and at times contradictory. Early in the book, the men decide to take a river trip because they believe that nature’s calmness and beauty will give them an escape from the stress of living in London. To some extent, this is true – the men do seem to forget their hypochondria when they are on the river, and they enjoy many calm moments.

Jerome packs some rather pungent cheese to take to a friend. This smell basically clears the train out with a "two hundred horse-power scent." THey have the train to themselves.

On Page 154, Harris got into a scuffle (or so he said) with some swans. They angrily attacked and tried to pull him into the river..... but he survived.

"The swans had tried to drag him and Montmorency out of the boat and drown them; and he had defended himself like a hero for four hours, and had killed the lot, and they had all paddled away to die."