Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

The weather plays an important role in the journey of the three men. give reason for your answer.

 > importance of weather in the jounery of three friends

> from chapter 11 to 19

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Early in the book, the men decide to take a river trip because they believe that nature’s calmness and beauty will give them an escape from the stress of living in London. Jerome frequently launches into descriptions of unreliable weather forecasting as the three friends encounter torrents of rain, wind, dampness, heat, and cold. Each weather experience brings out the neurosis in these men and hence great fun!

The three men decide to go with their dog montmorency, they are usually depended on the forcesacts which were published in the paper as jerome was very crictical about weather forecasts and never trusted them as according to him they were generally wrong about the predicitons made by the nnewspapers. Jerome remebered a holiday where Jeorome totally was dependent on the weather forecasts made and everything had happened vice versa. Their journey was on a boat and by the river, they are passing by the river and they should have enough knowledge to predict weather. so that they can prevent themselves from thunder storms.