Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Give a character sketch of Jim, Harris and George seperately.

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The narrator of the novel, most likely based on Jerome himself. J. has a dog named Montmorency, and two friends, George and Harris. He sees himself as intelligent, hard-working, and competent, but his behavior in the novel suggests otherwise. Like his friends, J. is a hypochondriac.

George is a good-natured banker, and one of J.'s best friends. Of the three men, he is portrayed as the only one who is seriously dedicated to his job. He brings a banjo on the boat trip and tries to learn how to play it.

Harris is a friend of George and J., who joins them on the trip. Although the novel's flashbacks suggest that J. and Harris (full name William Samuel Harris) have known each other for a long time, J. actually dislikes Harris a great deal. He constantly criticizes Harris for being lazy and uncultured, and writes that "there is no poetry about Harris – no wild yearning for the unattainable" (18).



Character sketch of George -

George was a bank clerk (who \'goes to sleep at a bank from ten to four each day, except Saturdays, when they wake him up and put him outside at two \') and was living in a back room of the same house. The landlady suggested that, to save money, the two might share a room. They \'chummed \' together for some years - both shared a love of the theatre -and a life-long friendship was formed. George, who remained a bachelor, rose to become manager of Barclays Bank in the Strand and outlived.

Character sketch of Harris -

Harris is a vain fellow who pretends to be extremely hard working but usually pushes off the burden on other people. he is outspoken and does not hesitate to tell his friends what he thinks about them even if it may not be pleasant. for example he outwardly tells george that his new blazer is utterly revolting and that he must not wear it around them (harris and j). when harris takes on a job he makes a huge fuss out of it like the narator;s uncle podger. it may not be anything majorly important but if harris is going to do it .... the world would know about it. he also thinks very highly of himself and his voice though his friends do not want him to even attempt singing. he is extremely fascinated by tombs and graveyards much to j \'s dislike. he is also quite short tempered and it is best to let him rant off his anger rather than try and talk to him about it.he wouldn \'t mind a drink at any time of the day and enjoys the company of his friends .

Character sketch of Jerome -

Jerome is the narrator of the book. He is a young, single middle-class man living in London, much like the author himself at the time of the publication of the book, and the initial J is possibly meant to suggest that he stands in for Jerome.

J is fond of history and literature and spends much of his time daydreaming about the days when knights roamed the countryside of England. This daydreaming sometimes gets him into trouble when he does not pay suitable attention to what he is doing.

J, like his two friends on the boat trip, is a little vain and conceited, but he realizes it and pokes gentle fun at himself, his friends, and the habits of others like them through his anecdotes, where he and his friends are often the butt of ego-skewering jokes.

J has always been fond of boats, but prefers the old fashioned...

He is a lazy man who knows only one work i.e. sleeping. He goes to sleep from ten to four each day except Saturdays ,when the narrator and harris wake him up at two o' clock.he is hypochondriac like the others . Sometimes he appears to be very clever , though he is not.


my own one

Jerome, usually known as "J," is the narrator who lives and works in London. He is taking a vacation along the Thames river along with two friends. J. is confident and fairly jovial, always ready to exploit the funny failures of his two friends as he tells us, the readers, his story. J. always makes himself seem better than his companions, he always seems to be "above" their immature antics.

George is one of the two friends who accompany J. on his trip along the Thames (for part of the time, anyway, due to his occupation). He is a banker who has a very strict time schedule and who is already ready for a pint after hours. George is quite a character, always boisterous. When he shows up for the vacation, he is sporting his wild style and carrying a banjo. No one quite knows why George is carrying this ethereal banjo. He can't play music. Therefore, despite his quirks, J. still considers George quite boring except for his ability to find pubs.

William Samuel Harris is the other of the two friends who join J. on the vacation along the Thames. J. finds William incredibly boring, lacking all "romance and poetry." William is a lot like George in that they both like to plan their pubs and eats. William also loves music, but has a horrible memory so can never remember the words to the comedy songs he loves so much. There is one significant time on the trip along the Thames that William remains on the boat only to get exceedingly drunk. William is also the one to propose the toast after they get off of the boat. (Due to heavy rains, the three decide to take the train instead.) "Here's to Three Men well out of a Boat!"

Montmorency, although a dog, is quite a character. He is a crew member of the boat along the Thames. J, George, and William swear continually that Montmorency is always fighting and would fight any other dog anywhere. Ironically, the only thing that can make this dog retreat is a cat! Apart from all this, Montmorency is always the most realistic of the four.

Jerome is the narrator in the novel. He is single and spends much of his time with his dog, Montmorency. He is always romantic and poetic even in tough times as he keeps on reciting poems at every situation. He shows himself to be hardworking, competent, and intelligent but he is opposite. He is a hypochondriac. He was suggested for a boat trip by the doctor when he found himself to have all diseases except the housemaids knee and called himself a hospital. On the boat trip from Kingston to oxford in river Thames he along his two friends, George and Harris enjoyed a lot. He was a nature lover as he loved to gaze stars at night and he loved thefresh breeze.

George was a bank clerk and he was also single. He shared a room with lady who became his good friend. He was witty and quite mature. He loved to sleep especially on saturdays. He snored a lot which was disliked by his foends on the trip. He was lazy and messy. He also did not packing like his friends. He wondered that why was everybody not always happy .