Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

explain three man in a boat as a travelogue or as travel narrative

please answer my question instantaneosly and accuratley

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The story is mainly a travelogue, it is about the friendship and getting along with someone for a long time and how it is also explains why some people have not lived up to their expectations.the men on the journey are on a physical, and emotional and psychological one. They are wondering why their lives have taken the path that they the story goes on they become sick, but not necessarily physically, more of a broken spirit. Towards the end they begin to realize that their lives were not so terrible after all.


Three men in a boat

Three men in a boat is an amusing and comic travelogue in which the author has blended humour with narration of the voyage of the three friends on the Thames.As a travelogue it is an interesting commentary of the places that lie on the banks of river between Kingston and Oxford.

The narrator presents their preparation for the journey,reaching the boat after a short journey by train from Waterloo to Kingston and their experience during the day and night

Thus the novel is an interesting travelogue a the novelist blends the narration of the journey with comical,serious and light conversation of the friends.

Three men in a boat is a travelogue because it is about the friendship and the team spirit between one another. It also explains that why some people have not lived upto their expectations.


Three men in a boat (novel)