Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

elaborate the incident about the fox terrier at haymarkets store

about fox terrier

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J. shares a story about one of Montmorency's adventures and elaborates on his propensity to get into trouble. While standing in the lobby of the hay-market, J. observed the impeccable behavior of the other dogs as they say waiting for their owners. He names a number of different breeds, how calm they were, and how sad they all seemed to be while they patiently waited. All the dogs except Montmorency. Montmorency, for whatever reason, decided to briefly look around and emulate the other dogs...... then he spontaneously decided to bite a poodle, attack a collie, and start what would become an array of dogs fighting everywhere. J and Montmorency were then admonished by a young woman, who put them in their places.