Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Elaborate on how the narrator compares his dresses with that of his friend? What does it tell about him

I want the answer please

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I'm sorry, I do not see a reference to the difference in the men's clothing in the text. Do you have a chapter number for this question?

Yes, the narrator compares his dresses with Harris.The narrator feels that Mousley Lock provides a platform for us to show our taste in dresses because inhabitants from Hamptom and Mousley come on every Sundays and had a great time.The narrator thinks that neither Harris nor George have a good fashion sense. He feels that Harrisa would look very smart in a colour combination of blue and white or cream but Harris refuses and said that yellow suits him well. The narrator feels that Harris's skin complextion is very dark for yellow and suggests that blue as a background and white or cream as a relief would suit him well.Moreover the narrator didnt like the blazer brought by George because it is too dark and would attract a lot of people.The narrator says that George's blazer is loud coloured.All this comparsions made by the narrator tellls us that he is in vain about his appearance and dresses. He has wore a red and black shirt with golden-coloured hair and russian leather shoes.

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