Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

describe the shameful conduct of a fox terrier at the haymarket stores and the pandemonium he and other dogs caused there.

this is from chapter 11-20

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The little fox-terrier's actions cause pendemonium in the haymarket. Instead of waiting patiently like the other dogs assembled with their owners, it causes a commotion by biting a poodle and fighting with other dogs, which causes a row between all of them. Eventually, a crowd gathers and the police are called.


Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Jerome remembered a terrible encounter that a for-terrier had with other dogs in the lobby of the hay market stores one day. And all round about him were dogs. They were waiting for the return of their masters who were shopping inside, among the dogs there was a mastiff, two collies, one st. Bernard. A few newfoundlands, a French poodle, a Bulldog and a couple of Yokshire types were present there. All the dogs were sitting there patient, good and thoughtful. Then a sweet young lady entered. She carried a meek-looking little fox-terrier with her. She chained up the little fox-terrier between the Bull-dog and the Poodle. The fox-terrier sat and looked around him for a minute. He looked at the Poodle on his left. Then without a word OF WARNING he bit that Poodle near his fore-leg. A cry of agony rang through that quite lobby. The result of his first efforts encourages the Fox-terrier. He jumped over the Poodle and vigorously attacked a collie. The collie woke up and began a fierce and noisy fight with a poodle ..........