Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

describe the experience of the narrator when he went on a boat trip with his cousin.

i want in 100 -120 words

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J. remembers going boating with a female cousin, who was anxious to get home, as she said that she needed to be in for supper. J. When towing the boat at the end of the day, they got lost, only to be saved by a group of working-class locals. J. looked down on the working class and their entertainments, but on that day, he couldn't have been happier to see them. 

Jerome has his characters interact with people from all walks of life. A prime example of this comes at the end of Chapter 9, when J. and his cousin are rescued by a group of “provincial ‘Arrys and ‘Arriets,” whom J. praises effusively for their kindness and earnestness (88). “‘Arry and ‘Arriets’” was a common, slightly derogatory slang term for the working-class during the Victorian period; it references the tendency of lower-class English people to drop H-sounds when speaking. Ironically, Punch Magazine would later mock Jerome for his tendency to pander to lower-class readers by referring to him as ‘Arry K. ‘Arry (“My Life” 75).