Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Describe Montmorency's fight with kettle.


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Throughout the trip, Montmorency manifests great curiousity concerning the kettle. He would sit and watch it, as it boils, with a puzzled expression and would try and rouse itevery now and then by growling at it. When it begins to splutter and steam. he regards it as a challenge and would want to fight it, only, at that precise moment, some one would always dash up and bear off his prey before he could get at it.

When the friends camp at Shiplake Islands, Montmorency has a fight with the kettle during tea-time. He seems determined he would be beforehand. At the first sound the kettle mad, he rises growling and advances towards it in a threatening attitude. It is only a kettle, but it is full of pluck and it up and spit at him.


3 men in a boat

Montmorency was burnt by the kettle water. He proceeded to attack the boiling kettle,

"And he rushed at that poor little kettle, and seized it by the spout.

Then, across the evening stillness, broke a blood-curdling yelp, and Montmorency left the boat, and did a constitutional three times round the island at the rate of thirty-five miles an hour, stopping every now and then to bury his nose in a bit of cool mud."