Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)

Can I get the charecter sketch of Harris from the first 10 chapters of the book??? ( In 100 words)

I am having A board exam tomorrow. So please answer quickly

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Harris is a friend of George and J., who joins them on the trip. Although the novel's flashbacks suggest that J. and Harris (full name William Samuel Harris) have known each other for a long time, J. actually dislikes Harris a great deal. He constantly criticizes Harris for being lazy and uncultured, and writes that "there is no poetry about Harris – no wild yearning for the unattainable" (18).



He feels that he has extraordinary fits of giddiness and requires a complete rest. He pretends he like sea voyages. He is a very practical person. He likes to drink as tthe narrator says that he knows all the drinking places in the town. He is a carbon copy of Uncle Podger who takes any task and give work on the back of others.Like his friends he too hates working.Harris had a bad taste in fashion.He probably enjoys a bath as Jim says it is woth taking a great deal of food if it can make Harris refresh. He enjoys eating and loves to argue. He is the most aggresive among the friends and became very violent when Jim talks about his hatred for notice boards on the river banks.He has a weaknesses of tombs, he loves to read inscriptions written on the tombstone, but is easily distraced by Jim. He thinks that he is capable than he is,this can also be proved by the incident at the maze at Hampton Court.He gets annoyed if people dont do what he wants.When Jin distracts him he becomes very annoyed with the absent George and almost falls from the boat.He is a terrible singer and nothing can stop him from singing if he's in mood of making a total ass of himself. A good meal and a full stomach agree with him and he is polite after that.