Three Day Road Background

Three Day Road Background

Three Day Road is a novel written by Joseph Boyden in 2005. The book is set at the end of World War 1, in Northern Ontario and France and Belgium. The book introduces the first character of Niska, who is a medic and is also a narrator of the book. She is a native and so rejected European culture, instead she lives in a wilderness area. She however goes to town when she hears her friend Elijah is returning from the war. However, she instead finds her nephew Xavier in the town area and he is her only living relative. Xavier has been mentally and physically drained by the war and in an effort to heal him, Niska tells him stories of her past as they travel back to her home on a three day long journey. The book ends as Xaiver also recounts his war stories to Niska during the journey.

The book was written by the author after taking inspiration from real-life aboriginal World War I heroes Francis Pegahmagabow and John Shiwak. The book was also written because the author's family members had served as soldiers in World War 1.

The book was received well by critics and fans alike. In fact, the book won the McNally Robinson Aboriginal Book of the Year Award and the Rogers Writers' Trust Fiction Prize for 2005.

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