Things Fall Apart

Why do you think Achebe writes in such detail and length about the night journey of the women through the forest?

Chapter 11. Sounds like an opinion statement, but I have no idea why he wrote that in such detail and length.

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The Oracle takes a long walk, going all the way around the nine villages. Despite the fact that she carries the child on her back, she moves at an astonishing speed; Ekwefi can barely keep up. The priestess of Agbala is a mysterious and frightening figure. Remember that in normal life she is Chielo, a widow who is slight and getting on in years. Yet even with a large child on her back, as the Oracle she moves at an astonishing rate.I think the mystery of the Oracle and the seeking of truth is carried out in the dark because of the magic involved. Much of the Igbo superstition is shrouded in darkness, truth is illusive and sometimes dangerous. It is fitting that the search for it happens in the darkness.