Things Fall Apart

What are the things that fell apart in Things Fall Apart

The rise and fall of Okonkwo, and the success of the Western Preachers run parrell in Things Fall Apart. Are these connected in the fall of things in things fall apart?

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The success of the Western preachers has everything to do with the way the Igbo culture and Okonkwo's life fell apart in "Things Fall Apart." Ibo traditions were destroyed, family relations between those willing to turn their back on tradition and those who wished to hold on were destroyed........ a way of life is destroyed.

Okonkwo is destroyed because he refuses to capitulate to the British, his death is barbaric, the result of the inhumane treatment by those attempting to colonize. Igbo tradition made him the man he was, it was solely responsible for his power, treatment of women, and his place in society. The missionaries changed this perspective in some cases, but it also forced the issue in others, and that's where the problem comes in. Rather than perpetuate a slow change and conversion in the community, less than noble tactics were utilized.

>okonkwo goes into exile

>nwoye is disowned by his father and is among the christian missionaries.

>Abame is wiped out

>the clan and other villages are taken over by the 'white man'


The title of the novel illustrates its ending by the fact that Ibo people were hoping that there will be progress in their way of living but surprisingly they saw that things got worst and worst and they lost hope that's why Okonkwo hanged himself because he thought that there weren't any other way to live under western pressure


Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe

The Igbo Society and Okonkwo fell apart in "Things Fall Apart". Although Okonkwo was such a brave man and ready to fight anything and anyone, He could not do it alone. The Igbo society that once stood strong and was feared in all of Umuofia was no longer a unit. The centre could no longer hold. People who usually stood with Okonkwo were now either dead or coverted to Christianity and so they would no longer follow the traditions and customs of the Igbo society.

The goodness which was promised by the missionaries up front turned out to be false after the colonial government was put in place. The rise of the Western Preachers meant that more and more people were converted and thus they abandoned their traditional ways. The more people got converted, the more things fell apart.

Who holds the power in this society?