Things Fall Apart

The comparison of Mr. Brown, Mr. Smith and District Commissioner

What are their differences?

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Mr. Brown is the first missionary to Umuofia. He does not attempt to coerce the clan forcefully into his way of thinking, but rather works with them, respecting their tradition and helping them to build. He tries to understand and respect them. Mr. Smith, the Reverend, is the opposite. When he replaces Mr. Brown, he aims to force them to become Christian, even through devious means of getting them to question and hate one another. He has no respect for their traditions, but rather wants to force them into his own tradition. The District Commissioner is a government official, not a religious one. At the same time that he does not show the show explicit cruelty at Mr. Smith, he is equally disrespectful of the clan's traditions, believing he already understands them. He treats them not as humans but as subjects of study.