Things Fall Apart

note nwoyes affection towards ikemefuna

things fall apart chapter four

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The clan decides that Ikemefuna will stay with Okonkwo. Although not his blood son Ikemefuna displays the kind of traits that Okonkwo likes such as making traps and flutes. Ikemefuna is extroverted and seems to have a lively command over other people. Okonkwo is also delighted that Ikemefuna has become a big brother to Nwoye. Okonkwo, however, does not show outward affection to Ikemefuna or anybody, this would be a sign of weakness. Okonkwo does, however allow Ikemefuna to accompany him on his travels, "Sometimes when he went to the big village meetings....he allowed Ikemefuna to accompany him, like a son...." This is a lot of affection for Okonkwo!