Things Fall Apart

Is Obiereka justified in taking that attitude and saying what he said to commissioner?

"that man was one of the greatest men in umofia .you drove him to kill himself;and now he will be buried like like a dog..."

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Within the context of Igbo culture and society Okonkwo was a great man. He was a decidedly flawed man but he had the patriarchal traits that singled him out as a man of power, wealth and prestige. With the coming of the Christian white people, Okonkwo had no place in a watered down Igbo society.

obierka statement was justified,it`s because it`s the commissioner that drove okonkwo to take his own life.that is against the law of clansman and they had no right to take him down.the district commissioner have to take him down and burn him as they drove him to kill himself


things fall apart