Things Fall Apart

How does Okonkwo react when her learns that Nwoye has been at the church and why don't the no longer talk?

Chapter 17

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Okonkwo's cousin, Amikwu, is in the market when he sees Nwoye among the Christians. He goes and tells Okonkwo immediately. When Nwoye comes home, Okonkwo attacks him viciously. The women scream outside, afraid to enter. Finally, Uchendu sternly commands Okonkwo to stop. He does, and Nwoye leaves without a word. Nwoye tells Mr. Kiaga that he wants go to Umuofia, to attend the missionary school where he will learn to read and write.

Okonkwo is furious and bitter that his son has joined the Christians. He wonders what he did to deserve such a son.