Things Fall Apart

How does Achebe create the feeling that Ikemefuna's death is an inevitable part of things?

The arrival of the locusts. The part played in the death by tribal beliefs. Okonkwo's character. The way this part of the story is told.

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THe Oracle believes that Ikemefuna must die as some sort of cosmic retribution for the Umuofian woman killed three years earlier in Mbaino. The Oracle takes the locusts as a sign of this and relays a message to Okonkwo that he must kill hi adopted son. Okonkwo isn't keen on this but to him, strength is everything. He does not want to appear weak so he kills Ikemefuna with a machete. This seems to spell the beginning of the end. Apperently Locusts aren't just a Biblical symbol of bad times to come. Okonkwo is never the same after he kills his son (we should hope not!).Okonkwo accidentally kills Ezeudu's sixteen-year-old son (Gun accident). Okonkwo is banished for seven years. Upon returning he finds the white man has made inroads in his village. His culture has been diluted. Okonwo ceases to feel like a man and eventually kills himself.