Things Fall Apart

Chapter 8

1. How does Okonkwo react to the death of Ikemefuna and his involvement in it?

2. Describe the customs regarding preparing for the wedding.

3. What do the last few paragraphs of the chapter foreshadow? (p.74)

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Basically Okonkwo cooperates and participates in the death of Ikemefuna because the oracle had decreed it. Okonkwo also feared being thought to be weak by the other men with him. After Ikemefuna's death (execution), Okonkwo's fear of effeminacy and weakness drives him to actions and emotions that do not always come naturally to him. He is disturbed by the death of Ikemefuna, but he is even more disturbed that he is disturbed. Any emotion approaching tenderness or softness must be suppressed.

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