Their Eyes Were Watching God

Why do you think Janie is so attracted to Joe? in chapter 4

Why do you think Janie is so attracted to Joe?

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Joe Starks fulfills many of the things that are lacking in Janie's life. He reminds her that she is young and beautiful and appeals to her need to have a friend that is the same age she is. The first thing that they have in common is their love of sugar in water; sweet water is a treat for young children. Furthermore, Joe thinks big. He talks about the horizon whereas Logan Killicks' dreams extend no further than his sixty acres of land. Janie, too, has high hopes. Her relationship with Logan is stifling because he inhibits her need for dreaming big dreams and trying to fulfill them. She explains her dissatisfaction with Logan's shallow dreams when she says, "You don't take nothin' to count but sow-belly and corn bread."