Their Eyes Were Watching God

What does Tea Cake decide about money?

Chapter 13

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Over breakfast, Tea Cake explains where he has been all night. In the morning, while getting dressed for breakfast, he saw Janie's money. He took it and realized on the way to the fish market that he had to spend the money. He had never felt like a millionaire before. Tea Cake decided to spend the money buying a macaroni and chicken dinner for all his friends. He buys a guitar and pays the ugly women who show up not to come into his party. He and his friends feast all night long. One man tries to eat all the gizzards and livers, the best parts of the chicken. Tea Cake fights with the man, breaks his teeth and leaves.

Janie is angry that Tea Cake didn't invite her to the party. Tea Cake explains that his friends are all very ordinary and very rough. He wouldn't want Janie to think less of him by association. Janie says that that is nonsense, and requests to always be invited in future.