Their Eyes Were Watching God

Their eyes were watching god

How the story is told is more important than what is told. Discuss.

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Hurston tells this story in a way of deep appreciation and celebration of African-American culture. Her depiction of black characters is holistic; she unveils their flaws, but she also exemplifies their attributes. The black community is portrayed in colorful scenes that invite the reader to join the families she portrays, allowing us to eavesdrop on conversations and happenings.

Hurston’s text is written compassionately; sins are unveiled, but so are the reasons those sins have been made possible. We as readers are able to understand the actions of these characters because of the way she tells the story rather than what she actually tells us. Because of the way she tells the story, the reader can easily move through the pages of this novel in understanding what motivates specific events rather than simply becoming aware of their outcomes.


Their Eyes Were Watching God