Their Eyes Were Watching God

15)(CH.12#3) What news does Janie tell Pheoby about her and Tea Cake’s future? What is Pheoby’s warning to Janie?


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Janie tells pheoby that she intends to marry Tea Cake, sell the store, and move out of town. Janie is done with living a life of property and wealth, her "Grandma's way of life."

Janie tells Pheoby not to tell anyone about her upcoming marriage, not because she is embarrased, but because she doesn't want to have deal with gossip in town. Pheoby says: "Ah jus lak uh chicken. Chicken drink water, but he don't pee-pee" meaning that information won't leak out of her into the public arena.

Pheoby warns Janie that she is taking a big chance by running off with Tea Cake, but Janie tells Pheoby that it isn't really a big risk. Tea Cake has "taught [her the] maiden language all over." He's bought her a blue satin wedding dress, and someday soon she'll put on the dress and leave town to be married and start a new life.