The Yellow Wallpaper

The yellow wallpaper short story

In the yellow wallpaper who is the person in the wallpaper and what does she do? Also what does the narrated mean by 'It must be humiliating to be caught creeping in daylight'

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The narrator stares at the wallpaper until she sees the sub-pattern of a desperate woman: a woeman fighting to get out of the prison of the wallpaper. This reflects the naeeator's own fight to escape the subigation of her own marriage.  The narrator believes she sees the wallpaper woman outside in the daylight and hiding when others come. She is certain that it is the same woman from behind the wallpaper because of the “creeping,” something that most women would never do in daylight. The narrator acknowledges that it must be extremely humiliating to be caught creeping in the daylight; she only creeps during the day when the door is locked and John is gone.