The Yellow Wallpaper

Is the protagonist the victim of patriarchal society, or "rest cure"?

Is "rest cure" an example of patriarchal society? since men can also suffer depression at that time.

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I don't think "rest cure" is what men need anymore than women in the face of a nasty bout of depression. Our brain chemistry really isn't that much different. Traditionally people, especially men, have looked upon depression as a sort of frailty attributed to women. Men were considered tough so if they found themselves naked rocking back and forth in the shower, they were just stressed and needed a "rest break". In this story John attributes the same advice to his wife. In this sense he is patronizing and controlling. Okay let’s face it; he's a "dumb ass" man. John reflects that generation of patriarchal authority and ignorance which labelled mental illness as some sort fatigue that could be cured with sleep and ugly wallpaper. In the end, locked in her room with tacky yellow wallpaper, she goes insane. I’ll let someone else answer your question on integrity. I really don’t see this in the story.

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