The Wind in the Willows

How does Rat enable mole to continue this tradition?

Chapter 5

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Once beyond the village, though, Mole feels a familiar sense creep over him. Listening to his inner voice, he realizes that they are just minutes away from his old home, the one he left behind so long before.

Mole calls out to Rat, who is too far ahead to understand him. Feeling ignored and upset, Mole follows, unwilling to simply desert his friend. However, his feelings eventually overpower him, so that he he sits and cries. Rat finally notices Mole's pain, and walks back to ask about it. After some blubbering, Mole explains that he wants to visit his old home.

Though he initially thinks it a poor idea, Rat realizes what the detour means to Mole, and they wander until they find the home. Inside, Mole is ashamed of his humble dwelling, but Rat praises the home for its charm and efficiency. Some caroling field mice stop by, and Rat is able to scrape together a feast for everyone from Mole's cupboards.

That night, when they go to bed, Mole is happy to spend a night in his old home, but is glad to have a new life elsewhere.