The White Devil


  • Monticelso – A Cardinal, later Pope Paul IV.
  • Francisco De Medici – Duke of Florence; in Act V disguised as the Moor, Mulinassar.
  • Brachiano – Otherwise Paulo Giordano Orsini, The Duke of Brachiano, husband of Isabella, and in love with Vittoria.
  • Giovanni – Brachiano's son by Isabella.
  • Lodovico – Sometimes Lodowick, an Italian Count in love with Isabella.
  • Antonelli – Ludovico's friend and conspirator.
  • Gasparo – Ludovico's friend and conspirator.
  • Camillo – Vittoria's husband, nephew of Monticelso.
  • Carlo – Attendant of Brachiano, in league with Francisco.
  • Pedro – Attendant of Brachiano, in league with Francisco.
  • Hortensio – One of Brachiano's officers.
  • Marcello – An attendant to the Duke of Florence; Vittoria's younger brother.
  • Flamineo – Vittoria's brother. Brachiano's secretary.
  • Isabella thorben – Francisco De Medici's sister; first wife of Brachiano
  • Vittoria Corombona – a Venetian lady, sister of Flamineo. first married to Camillo – afterwards to Brachiano
  • Cornelia – Mother to Vittoria, Flamineo, and Marcello
  • Zanche – Moor servant to Vittoria; in love with Flamineo, then Francisco
  • Ambassadors, Courtiers, Lawyers, Officers, Physicians, Conjurer, Armourer, Attendants, Matron of the House of Convertites, Ladies.

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