The Way of the World

the character of mirabell in the way of the world english....

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I'm not sure what exactly you wish to know about Mirabell but this should help,

Mirabell is the protagonist of the play, in the beginning he is a rake but he is a person who can discriminate between right and wrong, between true wit and false wit. Mirabell is different from the other male characters because of his prudence and discernment. Mirabell has the intention of matrimony with Millamant and his prudence is spelt out when he advises Mrs Fainall to hate with prudence.

Mirabell’s genuine love for Millamant and his attempt to establish a meaningful marital relationship are contrasted with Fainall’s vicious, manipulative, and unsympathetic attitude towards both his wife and his mistress, Mrs Marwood. He is drawn to Millamant both by passion and by reason. He uses his reason to show himself as a true wit. He is the epitome of true wit of the Restoration Comedy proving himself an enemy of the witwoud.