The Truth About Forever

Allusions to Other Books

  • The character of Jason reappears in the books Along for the Ride and What Happened to Goodbye.
  • Stella, the woman who owns the garden and gives Macy directions to Delia's home, is seen reading a novel by Barbara Starr, Remy's mother in This Lullaby.
  • When Macy turns on the weather channel she mentions that Lorna Mcphail was delivering the daily forecast. Lorna Mcphail is Haven's stepmother from That Summer.
  • Wes is mentioned in Along for the Ride by Jason; being referred to as "the juvenile delinquent welder with a tattoo."
  • Kristy and Bert wearing an "Armegeddon Expo '06" T-Shirt are mentioned in Lock and Key at the mall where Ruby works.
  • Macy and Wes are seen eating waffles together in Just Listen. They are described, "On our other side there was a couple about our age eating waffles, both in running clothes: The girl had blonde hair and an elastic around her wrist, while the guy was taller and darker, the bottom part of a tattoo just visible under his shirtsleeve."
  • Wes and Burt are mentioned as cousins with Luke, Emaline's boyfriend in The Moon and More.

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