The Tortilla Curtain

What is the relationship between Candido and America compared to Kyra and Delaney in The Tortilla Curtain?

comparison of both relationships

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These two couples are both looking to realize their own versions of the American Dream. Kyra and Delaney have realized financial security; Kyra has a great job, they have the house they always wanted. In fact, the realization of the American Dream is defined by both of these couple is found in the homes they desire and acquire.............. this acquisition defines success.

For America, success is a small apartment with running water....... her husband beats her, but she feels if they're able to attain the "American Dream," everything will be okay. Delaney and Kyra, have the things they always wanted, but they just aren't satisfied. Their "things" haven't provided them with happiness, and they've found no fulfilment.