The Tortilla Curtain

Part II Chapter 6

What walls crumble for Kyra? Provide a textual reference and explain it on a literal level as well as a

literary level. How does this relate to the wall symbol? Will the wall protect her?

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Chapter six opens with Kyra thinking about the Da Ros property. She knows that the house is unlikely to sell in the current market at its current price, and she knows that the spell that the house has cast on her will not help her sell it either. Furthermore, she is now frightened to go to the property alone after her encounter with José Navidad and his friend. She then gets into an arguement with Delaney. He is offended by the idea, reminding her that they chose a house on a cul-de-sac at the end of a lane so that the house would be close to nature. He also angrily points out that Jack does not care at all about the coyotes, that the whole thing is about keeping out Mexicans, and he is outraged that she would agree to such a campaign when she knew how much he hated even just the gate at the entrance of the community.