The Tortilla Curtain

How would you describe Candido in part 1? How would you describe Candido in part 2?

Is there a difference in Candido?

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In Part One, we see Candido doing the best he can to survive. He lives like an animal, depends on América to take care of them financially and hates every minute of it. Candido is a proud man and his reliance on América shames him. Thus, we see him turn to alcohol in the first four chapters.

Throughout Part I, Candido is also shocked by the extreme racism and hateful acts committed against the immigrants. Candido retreats when uneasy and isolates himself.

In Part II, we see Candido finally getting a job. The pay isn't much, but it is a job. Unfortunately, his excitement is short lived, as he finds América in a state of disarray when he gets home...... she's been robbed, and although she denies it..... she's been raped. Shortly after, he loses his job (the employee he replaced returned), so he drinks himself into a constant stupor, which aggravates his relationship with a pregnant América and causes him to abuse her. Candido was NOT an abusive man in Part I.


The Tortilla Curtain