The Tin Flute

Characters in The Tin Flute

  • Florentine Lacasse — A young waitress at the "Five and Ten restaurant"; she finds her current life to be one of drudgery and longs to find something better. She supports her parents and siblings financially.
  • Azarius Lacasse — Florentine's father, a construction worker by trade who has fallen on hard times due to the depressed economy and is now working as a taxi driver to get by.
  • Rose-Anna Lacasse - Florentine's mother, a central character in the novel who often takes on the role of the head of the family when Azarius fails to provide leadership.
  • Jean Lévesque — an arrogant and ambitious machinist-electrician who believes himself to be better than most in Saint-Henri and is very concerned with reaching a higher status and social class.
  • Emmanuel Létourneau - a friend of Jean Lévesque and a soldier who meets and falls in love with Florentine.
  • Emma Philibert — nicknamed "Fat Emma" or "Ma Philibert", the jovial owner of a combination restaurant and store
  • Sam Latour — the owner of "The Two Records" restaurant/store, loves to discuss current affairs
  • Eugene Lacasse - Florentine's brother who joined the army
  • Jenny - Daniel's nurse, an English woman

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