The Time Keeper


Albom desires in this book to show that instead of desiring more time, people should instead realize time is precious and should be used wisely. The central character of this book is Dor, who in this fictional account invented the first clock. Dor is punished for trying to measure time by being banished to a cave for thousands of years. Dor becomes Father Time and has to listen to every person who laments about not having enough time. Eventually, in the present time, Dor has a chance to redeem himself and regain his freedom. He must help two totally different people understand the value of making wise use of time. One is a teenage girl named Sara Lemon. She has decided to give up on life after the pressure of not having her father around drove her mother a little crazy. Also, after the boy she liked began making advances on her she believed he loved her, but he ended up publicly humiliating her. The other is a wealthy elderly businessman who is terminally ill and tries to cheat death with cryogenic freezing so he can live forever. Much to the distaste of his wife, who feels they have been drifting apart. Then Dor changed their fates by stopping time and showed both of them their futures, in which Sarah's mother is grieving her death, and the businessman (whose name was Victor Delamonte) failed in his plan of freezing himself and being 'reborn' in the future. They both cooperated, and went back to the past to let Dor and his wife rekindle their broken relationship.

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